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Kayak Rentals in Chatham, MA


We're proud to offer our customers top-of-the-line equipment,

with a large fleet of reliable Hobie Kayaks

Whether you're looking to cruise through the creek, adventure onto the Nantucket Sound, paddle down the coast, or explore Taylor's Pond, our 1 and 2-person kayaks are available for rentals, tours & lessons.


We'll put your boats right into the water, provide you with paddles and lifejackets, and make sure that you're all set for a fantastic day of exploration and fun on Cape Cod.


Rentals can be arranged in 1 hour, 2 hour or 1/2 day increments.

Check out our rates below for pricing details, send us an email, or call 508.432.4339 to reserve your kayak.

For larger groups, private tours or corporate team building options, please send us an email

Rental rates include life jackets, rigging, launching, and de-rigging. 

Our Kayaks
Kayak rentals in Chatham, MA


Steering: Paddles

Cockpit: 1 or 2 person options


A fun, easy water activity, great for both the ocean or the creek, especially at high tide.


We'll put the boats into the body of water of your choosing - easy, convenient, and safe.


1-Person Kayak

1 HR  /  $39

2 HR  /  $49

4 HR  /  $69

2-Person Kayak

1 HR  /  $49

2 HR  /  $59

4 HR  /  $79

For larger groups, private tours or corporate team building pricing & offerings, please send us an email

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